How to Pull Up, Plump Out, or Fill in "Sunken-in" Corners of Mouth.

I've had 2 people put filler in my naturally VERY thin lips and i got the same result from both of them - The corners and sides of my mouth remain sunken in. They can plump the centers okay, but the outer half-inch of the lips remain very thin and the corners so sunken in the my lipstick bleeds out the corners constantly. I have to keep wiping away the lipstick that collects there, and i don't like the "Betty-Boop" look of pouty in the center only, skinny on the sides. What is going wrong here?

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Improving the lateral lip and corners

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Fillers are dose dependent: the more that is given, the greater the improvement.  If you have had nice improvements in the center portion of the lip perhaps you simply need more injected into the lateral lip and the corners.  But fillers aren't the solution for all patients.  Sometimes the distance between the base of the nose and the upper lip is too long and fillers alone won't give the desired improvement.  If that is the case an upper lip lift can create a nice improvement.  In this procedure a small amount of extra skin is excised so that the scar is hidden in the base of the nose.  This is usually only indicated for older patients with a long upper lip.  If the corners of the mouth are too deep and are the result of excess sagging skin then a facelift may be indicated.  Check with your doctor to see if the results you are hoping for are possible with fillers only.

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Lifting lateral lips

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Sometimes fillers can improve the corners of the mouth. If you have a lot of skin laxity, sometimes facelifting can help.

Steven Wallach, MD
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