Ptosis surgery. How often can I get a revision?

How many times can a revision be performed for eyelid ptosis (left eye). The surgery would also involve Asian blephoplasty.

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The fewer, the better!

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Preferably, the fewer revision surgeries the better. The experience of the chosen surgeon is important, and you should explore that surgeon’s success in reoperative ptosis repair surgery. Usually, Asian blepharoplasties can be completed concurrent with ptosis repair surgery

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Revision of ptosis surgery

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Asian eyelid surgery and ptosis surgery combined are very challenging.  I perform the surgery frequently and occasionally do have to revise my own work.  any surgeon who tells you they don't either doesn't operate very much or is very frankly lying.

In any case, revisions up to 3 or 4 times have been performed but each time you have to revise it UR met with limited success.  If you've only had it performed once you can certainly have it performed again unless there was significant scarring or some other anatomical issue that makes it impractical or unsafe

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