Protocol for Exilis Face?

I had an initial treatment of Exilis for skin tightening in the cheeks and jowls, brow and around the mouth. The technician administered the hand piece in rather large circles in around the areas to be treated. She made circles around my eyebrows, around my cheekbones and large circle from below the cheeks to the jawbone which didn't cover all the skin in the lower face. Is this standard? The videos I've seen show the use of small circles covering all the skin in the treated areas.

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Exilis protocol a little different for the desired goal

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Exilis offers two options - fat reduction and skin tightening. Depending on the desired result, the technique will be a little different. There is a desired temperature level that is constantly being monitored by the technician. The speed of treatment will coincide with temperature levels.

The goal is to get good results without harming the surface skin or causing undue discomfort for the patient. So you can realistically expect a different protocol from one patient to another based on how quickly the deeper layers of tissue reach that desired temperature.


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Exilis Treatments

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The effect of Exilis is created by heating up the skin to about 40 degrees centigrade and keeping it there for at least 4 to 8 minutes. Each practitioner may have a slightly different protocol and in fact it may differ for each patient. We prefer to keep the power at the higher levels but it may get hot for the patient. If it does, we then start to move a little faster over the area so it remains comfortable but the skin stays hot. Of course, Exilis only works in the areas that are heated. It is possible that your jawline needed more treatment than the cheek area so less time was spent in that area. It is all in the results. You must wait a few months after the last treatment to see the most results. If your chhek is still loose then you should discuss this your physician.

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