No Results from Exilis Therapy?

Good Morning, I am looking for some advice. I had Exilis Therapy to my inner thighs and to my stomach. Five session to each area at a cost of $3,200 and I not seem any not even one slight change in either area. What should I do ? This has been very disappointing to me and that is a lot of money for nothing. Is there anything I can do?

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Exilis Medial Thighs Result

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Exilis is recommended for people with small areas of fat or mildly loose skin.  The result is dependent upon several variables which include:  amount of fat, amount of skin laxity, size of area being treated, amount of time spent treating each area, amount of pressure used during procedure, hydration of the skin, temperature of skin during treatment and utilization of good diet and exercise while undergoing treatment.  I recommend following with your provider and discussing your questions.  Take into consideration if there were other options available at the facility.  You may choose to seek consultation from a different provider.

Thank you.

No results from Exilis therapy?

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Hello Nurse Cindy,

How disappointing to hear about your response or results from Exilis. I am curious if you are able to share images (before/after) as I am not able to really determine why you did not see changes. Most important is to speak to the office where you're having treatment, and ask your physician to view the photos with you, photos that were taken before you started Exilis. If you were identified as a good candidate for Exilis, they will want to see  the modest change as well. All of these treatments are expensive and although patient results vary, we are looking to achieve realistic goals and expectations for our patients and we want you to see results.  We find the Exilis skin tightening benefits most impressive, and I'm unclear as to whether you were pursuing body contouring treatment for fat reduction or for skin laxity. We primarily ask patients to plan for a series of 6 treatments, and we have even recommended more under some circumstances.  We want patient feedback and open communication in our practice, and I'm certain the practice that is providing your treatments will want that too. 

I wish you the very best and hope there's some uplifting suppor or options for you to achieve the changes you expected from Exilis therapy. 

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