I Have Had a Prolapsed and Enlarged Uterus is It Safe to Have a Tummy Tuck

I couldn't have a hysterectomy because I had to have my bladder tied up.

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TT or hysterectomy

a good house is built initially with a good  foundation, the walls and finishes then follow. you wouldn't put up the walls then knock them down to pour your foundation. in other words take care of the GYN issue first. you might look into a combined procedure with the plastic surgeon finishing with a TT after the uterus is elevated/removed, etc. good luck

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Tummy tuck with an enlarged uterus

With a uterine prolapse and stress incontinence, tummy tuck can potentially increase the abdominal pressure and cause problems with the weakened pelvic floor. Your priority might be repair of the prolapse or hysterectomy, and bladder suspension, and then a tummy tuck. It would be unfortunate to complete a tummy tuck and risk an abdominal incision for hysterectomy, or have worsening stress incontinence.

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Tummy Tuck in a woman with a Prolapsed Uterus.

The fact that your bladder had to be pulled up (? stress incontinence) and your uterus is falling down (prolapse) suggests that you have a loose or dysfunctional pelvic floor. This is usually associated with multiple pregnancies.

A Tummy Tuck will NOT interfere with your pelvic floor except for a temporary increase in the intra-abdominal pressure and, barring any other serious medical issues or contraindications, could probably be done safely today. However, it would be a shame to have you have a flat tummy from a Tummy Tuck and then require having a Hysterectomy or formal bladder suspension through your new flat abdomen.

I would check with your GYN and Urologist or Uro- Gyn to see if you may benefit from any of these procedures BEFORE a Tummy Tuck is done. If this is the case, I would get the GYN procedures done first and then proceed with a Tummy Tuck either at the same time or a few months later, depending on your risk factors.

This would result in a much flatter new you without having a potential scar hanging over your head.

Good Luck.

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