Pressed or Feldspathic Veneers/crowns?

I have a zirconia implant abutment on one of my incisors and am getting veneers on the front 2 and opposite incisor. Is it possible to have feldspathic veneers and crowns or do I need to have a pressed core for the implant? As well, is it possible to mix pressed and feldspathic or will it not match?

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Best not to mix pressed and feldspathic in the same case.

Sounds like you are a well informed patient. I would not recommed feldspathic on an implant abutment because it is brittle and will likely break over time. Feldspathic needs the bond to tooth structure (mostly enamel) for its strength. A zirconia abutment just does not bond to feldspathic porcelain so it will not get the required strength.

I agree with my colleages that it is the most esthetic material but in your case I would go for pressed e-max which can be cut-back and veneered with felspathic porcelain by the ceramist. This will offer the stregth needed and it will look great and it will match.

Good luck

Dr. T

Miami Beach Dentist

Feldspathic vs pressed porcelain

Both porcelain materials are very good.  Pressed offers strength and good esthetics and feldspathic offers extreme beauty but much less strength.  It would be wise for best esthetics to use the same materal on all teeth.  Your dentist can advise you on the best type for your occlussion and cosmetics.

Scott LeSueur, DDS
Mesa Dentist
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Choice of porcelain materials for beautiful long lasting teeth.

Great question.  Feldspathic porcelain is the most beautiful but it also happens to be the most brittle.  It gains most of its strength when bonded to a tooth substrate.  Therefore its a poor choice over an implant abutment, as there is very little bond to zirconia oxide.  The pressed EMAX crowns are great for a front tooth over an abutment as they are strong and can be layered with some feldspathic porcelain and made to look very beautiful.  As for the surrounding natural teeth.  Pressed veneers can be made to be as beautiful as feldspathic veneers, but they tend to be a bit thicker.  Therefore it is up to you cosmetic dentist to use the best material for the situation.  If there is a lot of space anything works, if there is less then often feldspathic veneers work better.

Good luck!!!

Dan Hagi, DDS
Toronto Dentist
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Pressed or Feldspathic Crowns/Veneers

You can have a Feldspathic Crown made over a Zirconia Implant Abutment. If you mix Feldpathic and Pressed Veneers/Crowns, they will NOT match eachother on close inspection. Pressed are usually stronger than Feldspathic, but Feldspathic can be made slightly more esthetic than pressed.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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