What Problems Should I Get Ready for if I Got 2 Crowns and 3 Veneers at the Time when I Start Invisalign?

By the time I am going to get Invisalign in January I will have 2 crowns and 3 veneers (all 3 on front teeth). It would be really helpful if you could estimate what happens then. Should I be prepared to visit dentist because they may fall off? How likely this can happen from your experience? Thank you!

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Invisalign Treatment With Existing Crowns and Veneers

Invisalign treamtent is routinely performed when the patient has existing crowns/veneers without problems.  Make sure to be compliant in wearing your trays 22 plus hours per day for optimal results.  Hope this helps.

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Veneers and crowns and ilnvisalign?

I assume you have already had the veneers and crowns done and are now going through invisalign. You should be fine. In some cases we place bonding on the teeth or crowns during invisalign to help speed movement they are called attachments and sometimes it is more difficult to place these attachments on veneers or crowns but it can be done good luck


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What Problems Should I Get Ready for if I Got 2 Crowns and 3 Veneers at the Time when I Start Invisalign?

Having Invisalign is a great way to improve the look of your smile as well as make your bite fit better.

In your case, make sure you are clear about what changes may occur in the front part of your smile. There are MANY subtle things that affect the overall look of your smile from the proportion of the front teeth, to the outline of how he gum lies around the front teeth. Any orthodontic change can impact these aesthetics.

You are not likely to have complications such as a veneer coming off or a crown coming loose, so I wouldn't lose any sleep over that.

Have a candid discussion NOW about what changes you should anticipate.  A great result and experience is created from great communication!

Invisalign and anterior crowns

Ideally Invisalign treatment should be completed before the final crowns and veneers are done. Invisalign will change the position and distance between the teeth, that may affect the way the final restorations look. Also thee restorations may fall off. You should consult with your treating doctor about safe approach for you.

Not to worry- Invisalign is often done over existing crowns and veneers!

Invisalign aligner trays are often fabricated over teeth that have existing crowns and veneers in place. This usually does not present a problem, and it is rare that a crown can be dislodged and even more rare that a veneer would. The main concern when porcelain veneers and crowns are over teeth that will then be part of an Invisalign treatment plan is whether these teeth will require attachments or interproximal reduction (IPR) which will require modification of the existing porcelain restorations. Your dentist will probably plan for this and inform the laboratory of the existing porcelain restorations so the ClinCheck plan can work around any modifications to these teeth as much as possible. 

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2 Crowns & Veneers with Invisalign

Ideally, you should have done the Invisalign FIRST, and then the crowns and veneers. Too late now. There should NOT be a problem with them coming off. If you are unhappy with any of the esthetics after the teeth are moved, discuss the possibilities with your cosmetic dentist.

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Invisalign and Crowns

The invisalign will be moving your teeth. The cosmetic dentistry that you presently have may or may not look esthetically pleasing. It's hard to say without pictures. You may want to have it redone to fit your new perfect smile.   It is possible for crowns and veneers to come off in the process but I generally find that they will not come off. The veneers are bonded which is a stronger link to the tooth versus a crown which could be bonded or cemented.  Bonding a crown or veneer is stronger than traditional cement. I doubt you will have issues with them coming off.  

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Invisalign with New Crowns and Veneers

Assuming the crowns and veneers are properly bonded, there should be no issue with them falling off. I am concerned about the final position and appearance of those teeth after the invisalign, including gum recession. This is something you should discuss with your dentist. He / she may have a plan in mind. Best of luck to you.

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