What is The Price Of Each Amp. of Asclera?

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Aschlera Treatments for Spider Veins

Asclera® (polidocanol) is FDA –approved for the treatment of spider veins The procedure is an injection procedure called sclerotherapy and is administered by a healthcare provider with expertise in treating small, uncomplicated spider veins . Most sessions require 2-3 separate visits based 3-6 weeks apart and the price will vary based on how long the session takes and how much Aschlera is needed.

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Fastidious Spider Vein Treatments

Asclera® (polidocanol) is an FDA -approved product used to inject into broken capillaries and spider veins as an aesthetic treatments.  Is is done by an experienced health -care provider  that has the expertise to treat uncomplicated spider and reticular veins ( under 3mm in diameter.   The treatments require fastidious attention and several treatments with healing times in between to obtain optimal results, therefore, pricing will vary with individuals.

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Price Of Each Amp. of Asclera

Like with other cosmetic treatments, the price for asclera varies widely across the country and even in the same area. The average cost for treatment is about $500 with a general range between $250 to $1000 per treatment. More than 1 treatment may be necessary.

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Charge for Asclera

I charge approximately 500.00 per session for spider vein injections.  The cost of the drug is factored into the cost but what you are really paying for is my expertise.

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You are paying for expertise of sclerotherapy provider, not Asclera

You are paying for the expertise of the person doing foam or traditional sclerotherapy with Asclera - so the cost of the ampule is not important - it is the technique, expertise, ability to inject 2 mm vessels and feeder veins, judgement, etc.

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