Waiting After Pregnancy to Have Deviated Septum Repaired?

I had a miscarriage around 8 weeks ago and we are going to try to get pregnant again, but I need to have a deviated septum fixed. I really don't want to wait to get pregnant, but is it going to affect my pregnancy to have to keep dealing with sinus infections?

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Timing of septoplasty when trying to get pregnant

One of the side effects of pregnancy is increasing congestion of the nose. In patients who have a deviated septum, the congestion may be more problematic in terms of breathing and increased risk of sinus infections. Ultimately, it is your choice as to when to have septoplasty. Obviously, once you are pregnant you should not have any elective surgery.

If you feel your nasal congestion to be a major issue then have the surgery before you become pregnant. The recovery associated with septoplasty is relatively easy, and you should be off all medications within a week. So the surgery may delay your pregnancy by about one or two weeks.

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