Post Breast Reduction - Nipple Height

Okay so I had a reduction on dec.29.2010. It was only on my right breast to correct the asymmetry I had. my right was a 32ddd while my left is a 32c-d. After the surgery my right breast seems smaller than my left and also the nipple is considerably higher. Will this change? I am concerned that is is smaller because shouldn't it be larger due to swelling? I am worried about this. Will it change? Also i am still very numb. How long will it take before I know if I will ever have feeling?

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One sided Breast reduction and results are not even

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IT is still very early after breast reduction surgery to judge the resutls. A reviesion may be required on the right OR left breasts but it is probably best to wati 6-9 monhts.

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Brest reduction

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If your breast is smaller jsut after surgery it will stay smaller than the opposite breast after tthe swelling disppears.

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Breast changes after Breast reduction

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Short answer: Wait, wait, and wait some more...

Long answer: your surgery was 12/29/2010. Today is 1/1/2011.. three days ago. 

Although the surgery took approximately 2 hours or less, the final breast shape, position, and sensation will not be apparent for 3-6 months after surgery.

How your breast reshapes is dependent on the technique used to perform the reduction. A traditional reduction, with an anchor shaped scar, initially may look boxy in shape. The vertical incision relaxes as you heal helping create a more rounded look. A vertical breast reduction, with a lollipop shaped scar, often has the nipple look too high initially... From the profile the breast can even look upside down. Again, as the vertical scar relaxes, the breast takes on its proper shape. Occasionally, the breast that didn't have surgery has a little extra "droop" to it than occasionally needs to be addressed (google: circumareolar breast lift) once the reduced breast has achieved its final shape. Often a surgeon will stage these procedures to achieve the best possible long term result. 

Return of sensation often takes the longest to recover.

Nipple position is unlikely to change after breast reduction or lift

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Nipples remain almost exactly where they were placed during breast reduction and breast lift surgery. The rest of the breast ay sag with time, but the sternal notch to nipple distance remains very stable.

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