Is it possible to develop breasts naturally for an AMAB person w/o horomone therapy/something that creates more side effects?

I'm a non binary person who was AMAB (assigned male at birth) and I experience gender dysphoria with my "masculine" chest. I'm not looking to be a woman nor am I interested in breast augmentation. I simply want breasts, more specifically small breasts as they appear "androgynous". I know this won't fix all of my dysphoria and may not even be possible but I wanted to ask as my current physician is not knowledgable. If it also happens to remove body hair/facial hair as well, then awesome.

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Your motivations will have to be clearly understood

but if just desiring small breasts, not quite feminine but not the masculine flat chest (smaller moobs?), it could easily be done with fat grafting, assuming you have some extra fat that can be harvested.  Yes, most surgeons will want a psychiatric clearance but what you are asking for is simple and reversible if you find that it doesn't fit with your image.  Implants are a different category here... 
As for removing hair, MiraDry has been show effective with eliminating axillary hair and diminishing sweat at the same time.  Otherwise you  have many lasers out there that will remove hair.  But shaving is good for the skin as it exfoliates you every day you shave.

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Gender dysphoria

You need to start with a psychiatrist. The vast majority of plastic surgeons will not accept you for this surgery unless you are appropriately cleared from a competent psychiatrist. (The only surgeons who would accept you are not the ones you want operating on you.) Making your breasts bigger is the definition of breast augmentation, so that is exactly what you are asking for. There are multiple ways to do that, including with fat grafting. Ask your primary care doctor for a referral to a psychiatrist who deals with gender issues.

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