Can Porcelain Lumineers Be Placed over Existing Porcelain Crowns?

I already got porcelain crowns done 3 months ago,i dont really like the shade i was wondering can i have porcelain lumineers placed over my existing porcelain crowns? Does this require a specific bonding agent? do porcelain lumineers have the exact color/shade chart as the porcelain crowns? Thank you

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Lumineers over existing crowns

The simple answer is that yes lumineers can be placed over existing crowns however that is not the preferred treatment option in our office.  Even though lumineers are thin this would add extra bulk to the tooth in most cases resulting in less than an ideal esthetic result.  Also the age of the crown is a factor and the material used to manufacture it.  If the crown is over 5 years old it may need replacement in the near future which would necessitate your having to redo the lumineer.  The best option would be to remove the crown and redo with a lumineer or veneer.

Orange Dentist
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Redoing Porcelain Veneers or Porcelain Crowns

You can do Lumineers or other non prep veneers over existing porcelain crowns.  However, in most cases it will make the existing crowns look bigger and possibly bulky.  Bonding porcelain to porcelain is not a problem and you can get excellent bonding.  Yes, specific protocol from microetching the porcelain  needs to be followed.

Your question about the shade  chart:  Most veneers are influenced by the underlying shade of the prepped teeth or prepped crown.  Experienced cosmetic dentist and dental labs account for this and we design the veneers to with this in mind. What this means is that just because the veneer is made to a certain shade does not mean that the shade will be exactly the same unlesss the issue above is addressed. 

I hope this helps and was just curious if you have spoken to your dentist about the shade and why you are not happy?

Ronald Konig DDS
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Not recommended

While this is theoretically possible, I would not recommend it. It would add more bulk to the tooth and you'll bet a better end result by redoing the crown.

Victoria Veytsman, DDS
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Not the Best Option

Lumineers and non-prep restorations can be bonded to crowns. However, I do not recommend this method because it will add bulk to your teeth and make your teeth appear to be a lot bigger than they are. The best option is to remove the crowns and have Cosemetic Emax crowns placed. Good luck!

Parnaz Aurasteh, DDS
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Veneers over crowns??

No point placing veneers over crowns, just replace the old crowns with Emax porcelain crowns and enjoy another 15 years problem free dentistry.

Raj Kumar, BDS, LDSRCS
London Dentist
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Lumineers and existing crown work

Actually, I had one of my patient's ask me the exact same question this week.  This isn't something I've done before, which is exactly what I told my patient.  It's also more expensive to place Lumineers than to just replace existing crowns in my office.  Even though lumineers can be as 0.3mm thin, the final result will still look a bit more bulkier which can be unesthetic.  Also we have no idea how well Lumineers will bond to porcelain, this isn't a procedure that the company advocates.  So why perform a procedure that's more expensive and also not very predictable?  I would recommend to just to replace the existing crowns if the shade really bothers you.  Good Luck!

Peter Mann, DDS
Manhattan Dentist
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Lumineer on the existing crown

Yes we can always place a lumineer on the existing crowns but that is not a good alternative. As after placing the lumineer no matter how thin  it is it will still add the bulk to the appearance of the existing crown. Also, the  chemical bonding between crown and the lumineer is not as strong as between enamel and porcelain. It is always in benefit of the patient to replace the existing restoration, in this case the old crown with a new one. 


Dalvir Pannu, DDS
San Jose Dentist

Repairing non-esthetic porcelain crowns

When you had the crowns done originally, did you have a chance to look at them BEFORE they cemented them on? The dentist should have shown you the crowns before they cemented them.

A Lumineer is very thin and it gets much of the COLOR from the base that it is sitting on, so the short answer is NO, you probably would not get a nice result putting (or attempting to put) a thin veneer over a crown, if you don't like the core color.

Is your crown an all-porcelain crown or is it a porcelain fused to metal crown (PFM)? If it is a PFM, forget it, the metal blocks the translucency of the toth and you will not like the result. If it's all-porcelain, it will probably shatter trying to prep it and leave on the tooth.

As mentioned earlier, Lumineers are notoriously thin and the thickness of a porcelain veneer does affect how much underneath color shows through. It would be extremely bulky to block the color underneath.

Randall LaFrom, DDS
San Jose Dentist

Placing Lumineers over Existing Crowns

What you are asking is POSSIBLE but I have never seen it done. There are materials to bond porcelain to porcelain. The issue is you would have a bulky tooth. It would be a better option to remake the crowns at the same cost. 

Mickey Bernstein, DDS
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