8 Lumineers Applied to my Top Teeth. They Are Too Long and Too Thick, Help!

I just had 8 Lumineers applied to my top teeth. I had a gap between my front two teeth, which was getting worse with age. The were also discolored due to medication taken as a child. I hated to smile or have my picture taken because my teeth were so grey. My dentist put on the Lumineers yesterday. They are so long that when I bite down, my bottom teeth hardly show. The are also too thick. I am to go back next week, can she shorten them a little and make them a little less bulky?

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Lumineers are great - for the right patient

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Homer, sorry to hear about your disappointing results with Lumineers.  Althought Lumineers are a great product, as a patient you do need to have a special type of smile that fits the 'add only' concept.  If your teeth are already too large or just normal in size, then Lumineers will result in a new smile that's just too big.

I do know it's too late for you, but regular porcelain veneers do work on all types of smiles - and would have been the better option for you.  The ads for Lumineers are almost too good, no preparation of the natural teeth - that what leads to extra large teeth. 

With regular Porcelain veneers, you do reduce the natural teeth to accommodate the additional porcelain the new veneers add back - spectacular results. Perfect shape, length and even a large shade change - if you want a whiter smile.

Wish you the best.

Plano Dentist

Lumineers are bulky.

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Hi Homer!

This is a common problem with Lumineers.  I rarely recommend Lumineers for my patients because they usually do not provide the same level of esthetics as other types of veneers.

Your dentist should be able to shorten them slightly.  Hopefully he didn’t tell you they are reversible. Some dentists and Lumineer advertising indicates that Lumineer's are a reversible procedure.  They are not.


Dr. Alper

Steve Alper, DMD
New York Dentist

Problems with Lumineers

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I am so sorry you are unhappy with your lumineers. The problem with lumineers is you usually have to have small teeth or sometimes they will appear too bulky for your mouth.  On the right person, they work wonders for a smile and no tooth reduction is involved. You  did not mention if your dentist  discussed porcelain veneers with you, as well, so you could have had a choice between the two types of  veneers. Porcelian veneerrs require tooth reduction and local anesthetic. In your case, this would have been the logical choice if it had been presented to you by your dentist. i would go back and see if he can rectify this with you. You need to be happy with your smile because either process is an expensive one.

Robert Fields, DDS
Van Nuys Dentist

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