Pop in my Upper Abdomen After I Sneezed 4 Weeks Post Op.

I sneezed suddenly and felt and heard a single pop. Immediately I freaked out. My ps said there was no bruising and it was probably ok. However I'm noticing a buldge now. Could it have built fluid? Or could I have messed up my results that I've worked so hard for? Could one single stich make a difference? If so do I need to go through the entire cut again to fix it?

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Get tested if you think you popped a tummy tuck stitch.

Nearly any problem is reparable.

However, you must first determine if you have a problem that needs correction. This may be an easy diagnosis or one that requires time to become more apparent and may involve use of diagnostic imaging (MRI or Ultrasound).

Discuss your concerns with your surgeon, so that they may conduct an proper examination and order any tests if necessary and/or perform any required procedures.

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Pop after Sneeze post tummy tuck

It is uncommon for the sutures to pop at 4 weeks postop, but possible.  Most likely this pop was either scar tissue or a suture pop.   I would recommend monitoring the area for 4-6 months to allow swelling to subside and then determine whether a repair would be indicated.  

It is impossible to prevent sneezing and coughing post tummy tuck, but it is very important to wear an abdominal binder that is snug for at least 6 weeks or until your surgeon feels it is safe to remove.   In addition, refrain from heavy lifting of any type to minimize your chance of damaging the muscle repair.   Most surgeons place several sutures, such that if one pops, the result is not affected.  

I wish you a safe and healthy recovery.

Paul S. Gill, M.D.

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Popping sound After a Tummy Tuck

It is hard to evaluate if you have caused any damage when you heard that sound. You may just be hyper aware of doing anything that you may have thought you heard a popping sound. Typically the sutures are very tight so they will not allow anything to happen to them. I highly recommend seeing your doctor and asking their opinion as they are aware of your case. Best of luck!

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Pop after a tummy tuck sneeze

A pop could have been a tearing suture or possibly scar tissue. Depending upon when this happened, it could be nothing, or may need repair. You should have an exam to be sure.

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Sneezing-Associated Popping in Abdomen after Tummy tuck

Flatness can be restored to the abdomen after obesity and childbirth by returning the 6 pack (Rectus) muscles to the midline. There are many ways of surgically accomplishing this and ultimately the repair would depend on the strength of the stitches, the way the are placed and the strength of the tissues they are placed in. Sudden outward pressure of the tummy muscles as are seen with violent vomiting, sneezing, coughing or straining. From your history, it sounds as if one or more of the muscle repair stitches has either snapped or tore through the tissue it was placed in. The bulge you are having may be fluid, blood or the separated tissues. This can be verified with an ultrasound. What can and should be done would depend on what the ultrasound and examination shows and how much healing has occurred since your surgery. Dr. Peter Aldea

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