Wearing jeans, high heels and compression garment?

My doctor told me to wear my compression garment for 21 days. Is it ok to continue wearing it for more than that? My other question is about wearing jeans. Is that ok to wear them after 3 weeks of the Smart lipo? And the last one. Can I wear high heels? Thanks a lot!

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Compression garments and high heels

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In my practice patients wear compression garments for one month. After that period of time they are free to not wear the garment. However many people feel more comfortable wearing the garment for additional time, Some as long as several months. I do recommend wearing compression  garments or some other type of support like spanks or compression sportswear while working out. For several months after surgery the skin can feel strange when you are active and moving. Therefore some sort of mild compression is much more comfortable. As far as high heels you can wear them anytime  without affecting the result 

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

How long to wear SmartLipo Compression garment

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The longer you can wear the compression garment, the better your results will most likely be.   If you can continue to wear it for several months that would be great.   And jeans and high heels are fine!   Go out styling!

Best wishes!

Compression and Liposuction

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I suggest wearing double compression 24/7 for the first 3-4 weeks, then every night for the next 3-4 weeks. Continuing to wear compression after the first three weeks is okay as well. Jeans and heels are okay to wear if you are comfortable. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
Los Angeles Dermatologic Surgeon
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Post Lipo Compression Wear

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Perfectly fine to wear the garment longer as some patients take longer to heal based on age, procedure performed, etc. Many of our patients will transition to a "stage 2" garment such as a less constrictive body shaper or Spanx which may be more comfortable yet still offer some degree of compression....And high heels are fine as long as they are comfortable (or is that an oxymoron?).


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You can do all the things you asked at the times suggested. Plus, high heels are no problem as long as they're no problem for you.

Yes to all of your questions

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you certainly can wear your compression garments longer than 3 weeks. enjoy and wear your jeans and high heels. you will continue to improve for 6 monthsafter Smartlipo.
david berman md

Wear your compression garment as long as necessary and whatever clothing and shoes you please

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If you're swollen, continue wearing your compression garment. If you're not swollen, but like the feel of the compression garment, then do whatever you want. It won't harm you. Generally, clothing that has any seams or borders that can compress an ugly line into your body at the areas that were treated should be avoided in the early healing phase. The type of shoes you wear is irrelevant.

Jeans and heels

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You may wear jeans, unless they are very tight and would allow ridges or indentations. Your compression garment is smooth and helps to avoid ridging. Wear high heels if you are comfortable with them. You may wear your compression garment past 21 days, but I recommend not while sleeping. I would suggest asking your surgeon if she/he has any specific restrictions.


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Hello,Sure it is OK to wear your compression garment longer. I usually advise 4-8 weeks of garment compression with the addition of lipofoam. I also encourage lymphatic massage after liposuction to improve healing.

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