Caveman Forehead Plastic Surgery

I have a large forehead. It also slants down similar to a caveman with a very thick brow area. I have always had to wear my bangs long to cover my forehead but since I am also receding now, my hair is becoming too thin to do this. Is there a way to get rid of the ridge as well as make the forehead smaller? What is the recovery time for a procedure like this?

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Forehead Surgery

Thank you for your question. See a Board certified Plastic Surgeon, and be evaluated for the options available for this problem, and determine if they are good for you. There are many muscles in the forehead, and options available which need to be explored. I hope this helps!

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There are a few ways to reduce the size of the forehead. One of the most effective is hair transplant depending on your baseline hairline and brow position. Also a coronal brow lift can lower the hairline though it depends again on the brow position. We can drill down the bone to contour this area if it is something that will make an aesthetic difference. 

the best thing to do is to come in for a consultation to a physician who performs this as the recovery time will vary patient to patient and procedure to procedure.

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Forehead contouring

Many patients have a posteriorly sloping forehead associated with a thick "brow bone" above the eyebrows. This thickened area of bone is a feature commonly seen in male foreheads, and is one of the first surgeries requested in patients transitioning from male to female genders. The procedure to reduce this ridge involves drilling the bone down with an electric bur. If an eyebrow lift or anterior hairline advancement is also desired, it can be done at the same time. If the posterior sloping forehead is in need of correction, a synthetic material that is applied as a paste and hardens can also be done at the same time. In addition to the anterior hairline advancement procedure to shorten the forehead, hair transplants can also be done at a later date.

Stephen J. Pincus, MD
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Correcting "Caveman" appearance: Male Brow Reduction

Improvements you suggested can be made by burring down the thick bone beneath the brows. A forehead reduction procedure essentially shortening the distance between your hairline and brows can also be done with an incision at your existing hairline. I would then consider micro hair grafting to hide the scar and bring down the hairline further.

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Large forehead

Hard to say without seeing pictures, but the first thing is that if an anterior hairline incision is used, then the hair bearing scalp can be moved forward to reduce the vertical height of the forehead. As to the slanted appearance in profile, a combination of reducing the thicker bone down low behind your eyebrows and potentially putting in a custom implant or filler to the upper forehead bony area could make the slanted look better. That is a lot of surgery and you would be swollen for a while though.

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Various Techniques for Forehead

There are a variety of possible techniques to address your concerns, including a surgical hairline advancement procedure, a hair transplant procedure for hairline advancement, and perhaps an endoscopic brow bone reduction procedure.

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Yes, there is a solution

Your problem can be addressed in the following fashion. A hair advancement browlift can be done which lowers the hairline. Sanding down of the frontal bone will help with forehead shape. \

Because your hairline is receding, a concurrent hair transplant to establish a new hairling just in front of the brow incision will prevent the scar from standing out in the open scalp.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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Frontal bossing and management of a prominent brow.

Yes there is a method to perform this. I do not want to imply or insinuate but it is commonly performed in transgender individual seeking to reduce the prominent brow that is typical of males and less common in females. We call this condition frontal bossing or a promininent supraorbital rim.

Your best bet is to seek a craniofacial surgeon with experience in this technique. It is somewhat complex.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
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