Minimum Waiting Time for a Second Brow Lift?

I have had an endoscopic brow lift a little over 6 months ago. The lateral brows have fallen. I now want to have a temporal/lateral brow lift to repair the lateral brow. What would be the minimum time I should allow before the next surgery? Will there still be some more relaxing of the temporal area up to a year after the endoscopic brow lift? Should I wait a full year? Thank you.

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Minimum Waiting Time for a Second Brow Lift

You would be best off to wait one year before beginning the process of second brow lift. As your question suggests that you understand, there will be more relaxing of the skin and healing to occur.

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Lateral Limited Procedure for Revision Browlift

Actually this is a common scenario- the lateral brows dropping after an endoscopic browlift, due to the sliding of the skin and brows over the sub-brow fat pat at as soon as several weeks after the procedure. I usually recommend the lateral subcutaneous limited browlift that can be performed under straight local anesthesia, and takes less than 1 hour to perform and heals up quickly in most cases.

Jeffrey Epstein, MD, FACS
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Best to wait one year for full healing

It is probably best to wait at least a year for full healing to take effect prior to embarking on a secondary browlift procedure. It is important to let the skin relax, the incisions heal, and all scar tissue be permanent before embarking on a secondary procedure. It is also important to make sure that whatever forehead muscle work was done at that time has had adequate time to recalibrate before embarking on another procedure.

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Timing of secondary procedure

One of the problems with forehead lifts is positioning of the lateral brow. The lateral brow lift can help you achieve a lift in this area. The exact timing of this secondary procedure should be left up to your surgeon. He knows your case, anatomy and tendencies and is in the best position help make the correct choice as far as timing.

Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
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Timing of Secondary Browlift

1 year - Yes - Yes ... are my answers to your questions.

Being patient before revision surgery always pays off! Although there is no strict rule, you will likely experience a little more settling of the brows over the next 6 months although much less than during the first half a year. Surgically, it is relatively easy to raise the central brow. The temporal brow tail on the other end requires convincing measures for it to stay up after a browlift. Therefore, a browlift is more of a resculpturing procedure than a simple lift.

Frank P. Fechner, MD
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