Can a plastic surgeon fix a small inguinal hernia when performing a mini tummy tuck?

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Avoid crossing specialty lines

and I would only want a surgeon that does many hernia repairs to be fixing mine.  Though we all have probably trained at one time or another and could do a reasonable repair, skills and judgment come from experience and I would only want an experienced surgeon fixing my problems.  Plastic surgeons can do the facelifts and the general surgeons can fix the inguinal hernias.

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TT and hernia repair

Thank you for the question.

This is definitely possible, with all the test and hernia location available. A general surgeon might have to be present though, in order to assist if this has complications.

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Your hernia can be fixed at the time of an abdominoplasty though the plasitc surgeon may ask a general surgeon to assist during the operation. Dr. Corbin

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Can a plastic surgeon fix a small inguinal hernia when performing a mini tummy tuck?

Although many of us (plastic surgeons) are first fully board certified in general surgery and have fixed hundreds of hernias in our past lives, that training is not universal. Few if any would do the hernia repair after they became plastic surgeons.

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