I Plan on Losing 30lb is It Effective to Have Juvederm Prior to the Weight Loss?

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Juvederm and weight loss

It is perfectly fine to have your Juvederm treatment pre- weight loss. As you shed the pounds, you may need additional fillers as facial contours inevitably will change with your weight loss. For many of us, showing immediate improvement in an area that concerns us keeps us motivated to stay on track with another goal. Good luck to you!


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Weight loss and juvederm

While it is ok to have juvederm prior to weight loss, you probably will need more filler after the weight loss because inevitably you will lose some of the weight in your face as well.

Steven Wallach, MD
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It depends on where you have the Juvederm. You will lose more subcutaneous fat in your face with that amount of weight loss. You can have Juvederm before weight loss but your result may change if you have the injection before weight loss.

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Juvederm Prior to Weight Loss

It is perfectly safe to have your Juvederm treatment prior to losing weight.  Hopefully you will lose weight is a slow, consistent fashion without doing a fad diet.  Just know that when you lose weight, you will also lose fat in your face so your facial contours will change.   If your weight loss is slow and consistent, you can adjust the timing of your Juvederm injections to maintain a good result!

Sheri G. Feldman, MD
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