Do I Have Plagiocephaly? What Can Be Done to Reduce Forehead and Cheekbone Flatness? (photo)

I'm male, 18, and wondering what can be done about the flatness present on the left side (on the picture) of my face. I have minor muscular torticollis which might have caused minor plagiocephaly. The left side of my forehead and cheekbone area is flat with little to no prominence of features. What can be done to render my forehead symmetrical and my cheekbone area as well? I am considering brow surgery if these areas can be fixed. My eyes are asymmetrical due to differences in orbital position.

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Do I Have Plagiocephaly? What Can Be Done to Reduce Forehead and Cheekbone Flatness? (photo)

Great question and photo but this issue needs IN PERSON evaluation not over the internet. Seek boarded PSs who offer craniofacial reconstruction. You could need very little surgical correction based upon the frontal photo posted. 

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Cheek Implants

The approach to the cheek is a simple cheek implant that can easily solve this problem. The temporal forehead area is another problem and you may need a cranialfacial consultation.

Richard Galitz, MD, FACS
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Facial Camouflage Techniques in Plagiocephaly

Flatness of the forehead and cheeks are a common facial sequelae of plagiocephaly. If the problem is severe enough, it can be improved through augmentation techniques. This would include forehead cranioplasty using either an endosopic or open technique depending on the magnitude of the flatness and an implant for cheek augmentation. These are good facial camouflage techniques for the contralateral facial flatness that can develop from unilateral occipital deformation.

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Facial Assymetry - Plagiocephaly

Hi, based on the picture available one can not tell if you have plagiocephaly as a result of positioning or craniosynostosis,  or any other craniofacial issues.  If you are concerned about certain features, I would recommend to consult a craniofacial plastic surgeon who deals with this daily and who is able  to address issues related to the facial skeleton, head shape, but also to the overlying soft tissue as well. Best of luck, Bianca Knoll

Bianca Knoll, MD
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These conditions are dealt with by a craniofacial surgeon. Consult a plastic surgeon with training in craniofacial surgery at one of the major teaching centers

Samir Shureih, MD
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Gosh, not see'n a whole lot of asymmetry here.

We all have some degree of asymmetry of the face.  No you do not appear to have plagiocephaly.  It would be hard to support your desire to have brow symmetry.  An important question is how significant a preoccupation do you have regarding these issues?  Sometimes these types of issues can become a major source of preoccupation.  If you find yourself thinking about these issues for hours a day, avoid social situations because of these concerns, or think other people are talking about or joking about your appearance, these preoccupations may represent a thought disorder called body dysmorphic disorder or BDD.  It is important to gain some insight in to this issue.  It turns out that individuals with BDD and cosmetic surgeons don't communicate well.  This can cause you to have significant complications from well meaning surgeons.  If this seems like a possibility, consider seeing a psychologist to talk to about these feeling.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
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