Pixel Laser for Removing Surgical Scars?

Does Pixel laser work to diminish the apprearance of sugical scars on the body?

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Pixel can be helpful in minimzing scars

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Fractional resurfacing lasers, such as Pixel, cause collagen remodelling the dermis, which is the structural component of the skin. It is through these changes in collagen that the laser improves fine lines and wrinkling. One of the main components of scars is collagen and, thus, Pixel can help improve the appearance of scars. Pixel seems to be best at flattening out lumpy scars. To acheive this goals, a number of treatments are needed -- we often perform 4 to 6 treatments on a monthly basis.

There is nothing that can make a scar disappear, but Pixel laser can help to improve a scars appearance.

Naples Facial Plastic Surgeon

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