Natrelle style 20 HP 600cc silicone implants too large? Height 5"7 weight 150-160 lbs. Pre op 34B (Photo)

I just wanted to know if 600cc. HP silicone implants would look unnatural on my body type? I was thinking 475 but I think they are a bit small. Maybe 600 high profile what profile would look best?

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What size implants

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A lot depends on the width of your chest. That said, a 600 cc implant is a large implant - you will carry around close to 3 extra pounds on your chest. These larger implants cause more long term problems - just a excessively large natural breasts will do. If a round moderate profile will fit your chest, I prefer that look to the high profile. If you are determined to have 600 cc and it will not fit you in a round, moderate profile, then you will need the high profile implant. 

Be sure you discuss the pros and cons of the large implant before have surgery. You will hurt much more after surgery (assuming it is put under the muscle) as well as be more likely to need additional surgery as time goes by. As a comparison, in the long ago days when a 250 cc implant was considered large, apart from capsules, re-operations were uncommon. Today, with larger implants, re-operation occurs about 20% of the time. Best wishes.

Natrelle style 20 HP 600cc silicone implants too large? Height 5"7 weight 150-160 lbs. Pre op 34B

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Might be OK But over internet very hard to be exacting. Obtain IN PERSON consultations with boarded PSs. 

You should decide what's best for you

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No one can tell you what's the right implant size for you. As an experienced Plastic Surgeon, I counsel my patients on an appropriate size and shape range to give a natural looking and feeling result, given their chest wall dimensions and breast tissue compliance. After that,  patients " try on" appropriate implants to finally decide on their implant. If your surgeon feels that your breast will accommodate a large implant (600cc is a relatively large implant for augmentation) and if you want the kind of proportions that that implant will give you, go with your desires. Larger implants do have somewhat of a higher risk of complications, which can be due to exceeding the capacity of your own tissue to accommodate them. Make sure you and your surgeon agree on a your surgical plan, and your surgeon feels that it is an appropriate implant for you! 

Big implants have more long term problems

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Hi. Thanks for your question. 
600 cc high profile implants may look too large for you; 475 should give you good volume based in your pictures. 
Of course, a formal virtual or in-person consultation would be required to determine your ideal procedure. 
Augmentation patients do need to understand that larger implants have higher long term revision rates and will stretch the skin and flatten the breast tissue. Some problems may be irreversible. Patients need to seriously consider these risks, especially when they start with good breast esthetics.  
I hope this information helps. Good luck. --Dr G. 

Steven Goldman, MD
Cleveland Plastic Surgeon
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High profile 600 cc breast implants are quite large

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To properly answer your question you need an in person consultation with measurements of your base breast with an sizing system evaluation.

That said based on your photograph you appear to have full wide-based breast.  The high-profile implants have a narrower base and a wider base moderate profile plus might be an appropriate implant for you.

Be aware that 600 cc breast implants are quite large.  In general potential complications are higher with implants over 500 cc based on a recent study.  Your original thought of a 475 cc breast implant might be a better option.

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