Is it possible to get Breast Augmentation at 16 years of age?

Surgeons question weather it's ethical preform due to my age. But I have thought this threw & I am aware with all the risks it brings as it is said a woman could still be developing up to the age of 22. I have the support of my parents in my decision & I want to do this for ME. I have managed to balance school, work, & athletics. I have saved enough money to pay for this procedure. I'm a A cup, 5'3", very athletic & I have maintained my weight of 113 lb...

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Breast augmentation at 16yo

Aesthetic breast augmentation in the US for patients less than 18yo would require using the implants in an "off label" fashion.  While legal you should understand this.  More importantly is selecting your surgeon.  Make sure you consult with a board certified plastic surgeon (member of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) and make sure you are comfortable that that surgeon has your best interests in mind.  

Speaking in generalities, in my opinion there are many reasons to wait to have an aesthetic breast augmentation and few (at best) to have breast augmentation at 16 years old.  

If yours is a case of breast reconstruction for a congenital or post-traumatic deformity, then the discussion is entirely different.

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Breast augmentation in a 16 year old

At 16 your breast tissue may grow with additional natural hormonal influence.  The FDA does restrict the use of implants to 18 years of age.  Any surgical device can be used for an off label use, this would come under this heading.  My advice would be to wait at least another year, if your breast have not increased in size during that time and you have the consent of your parents then some plastic surgeons may agree to your request.  

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Sorry, but you have to wait until you are 18 years old for a breast augmentation

In the United States the Food and Drug Administration mandates that patients be at least 18 years old before undergoing breast augmentation.  From their website:  "The FDA approved saline-filled breast implants for breast augmentation in women age 18 or older and for breast reconstruction in women of any age."  Frankly, I do not know what the regulations are in other countries.  You sound like a mature young woman, and an otherwise excellent candidate for breast augmentation.  Unfortunately, you are going to have to wait a couple more years. 

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Breast augment at age 16

Pursuant to FDA rules, silicone implants should not be used in patients under age 18.  I would encourage you to wait until age 18. It is possible for you to have additional breast development, particularly if you were to go on birth control pills.  Typically, women will gain a bit of weight as they age and that would have an effect on implant size.  It is admirable that you have managed to save enough money to undergo the procedure.  Best wishes.

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Breast augmentation at 16

At 16, you can only have a saline implant.
If you have your parents' support and consent, the implant can legally be done.

The question for me is the purpose of the implant - did the breasts develop abnormally? Is there evidence of Poland's syndrome. Are you completely flat and want some shape?

I have done implants for girls under 18 for all these reasons. 
I have declined to do implants for girls with normal breasts who want to be large.
It varies with the surgeon. If you see three and all say to wait - take their advice. Best wishes. 

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Is it possible to get Breast Augmentation at 16 years of age?

Thank you for your question.

You breast are still growing until the age of 22. Having said that , you will need a parents consent and find a surgeon that will be ok to do this procedure on you . Good Luck

Choose a board certified plastic surgeon who has done a ton of Brazilian Butt Lifts and has privileges to do this surgery at a local university hospital. This says his credentials have been checked out by fellow Drs. All surgeries carry risk, talk to your plastic surgeon and choose one wisely.  

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Yes to breast augmentation at age 16

With your parents support and a clear understanding of the procedure you can have a breast augmentation procedure. The FDA will restrict your implant choice to saline, though you can and will have a very nice result with a saline implant, with the benefit of lower capsule rates, and an easier implant exchange as your implants wear. The decision should be about you and for you.

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Age 16 and breast augmentation

You sound like a very astute young lady, and that is great.  But you have to realize that your breasts may still grow a bit more with time, and that is why  most surgeons would recommend that you wait.  WIth all that said, you may want to go for a consultation with your parents' permission to explore options and learn more about the risks,benefits, and alternatives.

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Breast augmetation at 16

Thank you for your question and it appears you have given this some thought.  I know how important this is for you but unless there is a good physical or congenital reason for getting implants, I would not recommend this now.  Your body will change and you have not fully matured usually by 22 you will have stopped growing. The options you have now are more limited as well as you will need to have a saline implant which may not be ideal for you later. Think carefully before you decide to do this.  Good luck!

John D. Smoot, MD
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Breast Augmentation for minors in not recommended except for assymetry or other congenital breast problems

Breast development may not be complete at age 16. Many women will still have breast development after that age.

For that reason breast augmentation is not recommended under the age of 18 except for the following conditions.
Some women one side will not develop, breast augmentation for symmetry or matching is appropriate
In some women one or both sides have a severe tubular breast, and augmentation and other surgery such as a breast mastopexy is also appropriate.
There are syndromes such as Polands syndrome where the muscle does not develop along with the breast and reconstruction is done. Turners syndrome is another where breast augmentation is more reconstructive than cosmetic.

Gel implants have many advantages over saline implants with a more natural feel, better shape, less wrinkling. In the United States you must wait until age 22. The US government felt that significant breast development still occurs in some women up to age 22.

We understand that you may be unhappy with your appearance now and it is very concerning to be told to wait. I would talk with your parents and another health professional about these concerns. In addition, even if surgery is not indicated yet, you could meet with a board certified plastic surgeon for an examination and consultation to discuss your concerns. A qualified surgeon will discuss with you whether surgery is appropriate at this time, or it might be in your best interest to wait.

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