Pimple with Puss Around Pubic Area 10 Days After Laser Hair Removal

Hello, This is my 2nd treatment for laser hair removal. The first treatment, nothing happened. But the second treatment, after 3 days, I got small red bumps with white puss. Is it normal? How can I get rid of them?

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Pimples after Laser Hair Removal

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Small red bumps with pus after laser hair removal most likely represent a folliculitis. This could be a sterile pustule or one that is caused by bacteria, viruses, yeast, or fungus. It can even be caused by a chemical that was applied to the skin at the time of the laser hair removal process. If it persists or worsens, you should be evaluated by a dermatologist.

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Folliculitis after laser hair removal

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White liquid in pimples may mean a non-infectious inflammatory follicllitis or a bacterial infected folliculitis. See your doctor. A culture can be taken to see what the bacteria is so the correct antibiotic can be prescribed. Don't share towels or scratch the pimples.

Ronald Shelton, MD
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Pustules and folliculitis after LASER hair removal

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What you describe is called folliculitis, which is an inflammation of the hair follicle which became infected.  This is usually due to an in grown hair, This can be quite common in people who have hair that is coarse and curly. 

The likely cause is shaving, rather than clipping,  the hair before the LASER hair removal treatment

Fredrick A. Valauri, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

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