Hair Growing Back 2 Days After Laser Hair Removal - Normal?

tow days after my laser treatment, I'm having the hair growing back (as if it was shaved). Is that normal? how can I remove the hair?

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Hair growing after laser hair removal

Often a single laser hair removal treatment with shorter pulse durations can result in nearly total epilation of the hair follicles in the treatment area. It is important to know that a majority of these hairs are likely to regrow and this isn’t considered a treatment failure. Generally, about 15% of hairs are permanently removed with each laser treatment. On the other hand, laser hair removal treatments with longer pulse durations may leave behind many hairs which appear to “grow” following treatment. These “growing” hairs are dislodged from the hair follicle and require 1-2 weeks to be completely shed. Any method of epilation can be used to hasten their removal.


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When Does the Hair Come Back After Laser Hair Removal?

Hello Amman.  A common misconception among consumers is that after laser hair removal all the hair falls out immediately.  This is not necessarily the case, especially at the beginning of the treatment program when lower settings are being used to ensure safe treatments.

In some cases during laser hair removal, the base (bulb) of the hair follicle will achieve a high enough temperature so as to dislodge the hair from it's base and it will fall out.  In other cases where this temperature is not reached, the hair continues to grow.  It is only over the course of several treatments that the small blood vessels at the base of the hair follicle cease to function as a result of heat damage and this is when the hair falls out and does not grow back.

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