Does PicoSure Hurt More Than the Q-switched Laser?

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PicoSure: Worth the Wait for Fewer Treatments

Based on experiences of PicoSure Tattoo Removal clients who have had treatments with the older technology and the newest pico-second technology, the discomfort level is comparable. On a positive note, the PicoSure  tattoo removal resolution can be done  in half as many sessions as the previous Q-switched lasers.

Newport Beach Dermatologist
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Picosure pain level vs Q-switched laser

In our experience, patients report the pain level is equivalent to the Q-switched laser. They say the pain to be about the same or somewhat more than when they got the tattoo.  Everyone's pain level is different and pain will vary depending on the area of the body and how concentrated the ink is.

Timothy Knight, MD
Lakeland Dermatologic Surgeon

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