Can I Pick Up Kids After Mommy Makeover?

I am anticipating having a mommy makeover this summer (breast augmentation and tummy tuck). I'm in fairly good shape now but am just really unhappy with my body post twins. By the time I have my procedure my twins will be 23 months old. When will I be able to lift them? I will have my mom and my husband to help me for about a week but after that I'll be on my own. Thanks.

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Can I Pick Up Kids After Mommy Makeover?

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You will need to refrain from lifting your twins for at least the first week, and having help for that week is a good idea.  During a tummy tuck, the recutus abdominus muscles are repaired, and this is the area that could potentially be damaged post operatively if you lift too soon or too heavy objects that could cause your sutures to pull through the muscle.  Be sure to discuss this with your surgeon before surgery, and be monitored after surgery to be sure to be safe when resuming lifting.  (Holding them in your lap is not a problem though!) Good luck!

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Mommy makeover - Lifting baby post-op

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In my practice, I am very flexible about this.  I recognize that as a mother it is very difficult to avoid lifting your baby.  So, I usually tell moms that they can lift their baby pretty much right away.  Ideally, this should be minimized.  Especially if you have a large baby.

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Lifting children following mommy makeover

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We instruct our patients to avoid lifting more than 10 pounds for two weeks following surgery.  I think it would be in your best interest to arrange for help with the twins for at least two weeks following surgery.  While lifting should be avoided, you can still hold the children if you are sitting. 

Best of luck,

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Do's & Dont's Following Mommy Makeover Surgery

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         It’s not unusual for mommy makeover patients to have small children at home. Unfortunately, lifting children following mommy makeover surgery can adversely impact the results of this procedure.


         Both abdominoplasty with muscle plication and sub muscular breast augmentation can be adversely impacted by heavy lifting. Muscles can be torn and implants displaced by sudden muscle contraction and bleeding can result.


         For this reason, we generally recommend minimal lifting in the first two weeks, following surgery. We also don’t recommend lifting more than twenty pounds for four to six weeks after surgery. We also instruct patients to allow their children to crawl onto their laps rather then lift them in an upward direction. This approach hopefully minimizes complications in the post-operative period.

After Mommy Makeover you will need help picking up children for at least a week

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The Mommy Makeover which includes a Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation and or Breast Lift is a significant procedure which requires rest and avoidance of strenuous activity during recovery for at least two weeks.

I advise patients with small children who require lifting to delay their surgery until the children are older or be certain that they have help with the children during at least the first week to 10 days after surgery.

Often the patient's mother, sister, mother in law, friend or husband can provide this kind of support.

You need to have time to rest and recover after this surgery. Excessive lifting, straining or quick movements immediately after surgery can be painful or worse cause bleeding or disruption of suture lines.

It is best to be prepared with adequate help after a Mommy Makeover

Postoperative activities like lifting, after a mommy makeover and the best timing is when you have the help you need.

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Postoperative care and activity restrictions are very important for your recovery and your ultimate result. Lifting toddlers after 1 week will most likely create an increase risk for complications like, bleeding, swelling, fluid collections, scar separation and scar widening. I typically tell my patients that these two procedures requires that you have help lifting toddlers and doing manual labor like housework for 3 weeks. When you have breast augmentation with breast implants under the muscle you need to prevent bleeding and fluid collections from too much arm activity. My boys used to kick sometimes and that would be very dangerous after breast augmentation. Tummy tucks involving muscle tightening are at risk for suture s tearing for 6 weeks so you will need to be very careful when lifting toddlers. My concern is for the incision to open or for your scars to be wider than necessary. The key with a mommy makeover is timing. That should be when you are in greathelath, have healthy lifestyle, your weight has returned to what you want and when you have the help you need to heal properly.

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Wait six weeks

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Good luck on your surgery. In order for the muscle to heal right, you need to give it six weeks before trying to lift your twins.  I allow my patients to have their children placed by someonelse on their lap after two weeks, so you can hold them that way. 

Lifting Children after Mommy Makeover

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Hi there-

The good news is that by the time of your planned surgery, your children should be mobile, and able to come to you when they want attention.

It is very important that you do not lift or carry anything of significant weight (more than 5 lbs or so) for at least 6 weeks after your surgery- but if your children are able to come to you and climb in your lap (even if it requires a bit of assistance), you should be able to get through this 6 week period without them (or you) feeling like you neglected your Mommy duties.

Good luck with your transformation! 

Lifting children after a Mommy Makeover

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if a mommy makeover involves a tummy tuck, you should plan on not lifting any children for six weeks after the surgery.  This is especially true if your surgeon "tightened" you abdominal muscles.  If instead you have abdominal liposuction only for your mommy makeover you will be able to lift them much sooner.  Your surgeon will give you specific instructions based on you procedure.

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Can I Pick Up Kids After Mommy Makeover?Answer:

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Twin two year olds!!!!! And a Tummy Tuck!!!! I would feel better if you had help from your mom for 2 weeks! For my patients, no straining the tummy for 6 weeks. Holding is OK, and even carrying can be (have the kids stand up on the couch first before you pick them up, then pull them close) but go easy on the abs for 6 weeks…Those stitches that help tighten your tummy need time to heal and you really don’t want to break them!!!

John J. Corey, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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