How can i treat my raw skin cause of salicylic acid? I apply coconut oil on it, is it okay? (photo)

3 days ago I applied salicylic acid on my forehead because of acne and it got burnt, patchy and dry, then i peeled it off the next day. Then my skin is now raw and pink, then i apply coconut oil as mosturizer. Is it okay? Any suggestion and advice of how it will heal? How long does it take? Can I use peeling products again after it healed? Does this mark scars? If ever, how will I treat it and be gone? Please, hope you answer my question because it's really freaking me out :'(

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Ceramide cream after salicylic acid peel

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I would suggest a ceramide moisturizer after a salicylic acid peel to reduce redness and dryness of the skin. 


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