How Small Can a Doctor Make Your Waist from Lipo?

Hey, okay so in my lower weights my waist goes to about 22 - 23". Right now my waist is 27". Would a doctor be able to suck those 4 - 5 " using liposuction and get my waist back down to 22 -23" while leaving the rest of my body "plump" to create and hour glass look ?

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Narrow waist after Brazilian Butt Lift

Regarding how narrow can you get your waist during a Brazilian Butt Lift, the answer is "it depends". It depends on your bone structure, hips, pelvis, and amount of fat. We can remove a large amount of fat, leaving a very thin, narrow waist, as long as your body is built in a way that allows us to do this.

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How Small Can the Waist be Liposuctioned in the Brazilian Buttlift

   If the waist was smaller at one time, the waist can likely be reduced to those same measurements or smaller provided the muscular and fascial integrity has remained the same.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Brazilian buttlift Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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Small waist after lipo

This depends on the location of the fat.  The fat that is on the outside (ie the fat that you can pinch) can be reduced through liposuction.  This can be transferred to the buttock and hips to make your waist look even smaller.

Dennis Dass, MD
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Liposuction in waist.

With liposuction we can reduce your waist area as far as your body structure will allow it, if you want a more drastic result, we can inject fat into the buttocks and hips for your waist to appear even smaller and give you a curvier hourglass shape.

Jaime Campos Leon, MD
Mexico Plastic Surgeon
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