Ingrown hairs and scarring on stomach. Any suggestions?

Hello, For the past several years I have been experiencing ingrown hairs on my stomach. Most of the hairs on my stomach are not thick, however, any thick hairs that do come in are automatically ingrown. At any time, I have anout 6 ingrown hairs on my stomach. I also have minor scarring/ discoloration from picking at the hairs. Any attempt I make to avoid ingrowns does not work. Could a dermatologist help me? Unfortunately laser hair removal is out of my price range. Thank you.

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Laser hair removal is the best option

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There are several things you can do to avoid in grown hairs.  First if you do shave, make sure it is after you shower as it softens the follicles.  All go with the grain as opposed to against the grain.  However sometimes shaving itself can cause irritation and lead to ingrown hair.  You may consider the use of clippers.

Laser hair removal would be the best option as by reducing the hair growth you would reduce the amount of ingrown hair. It would also improve the quality of the hair as well.

I would consider laser hair removal as your primary option.  Treatments are performed 4 to 6 weeks apart and you do not need to pay for all the treatments up front at most places

Best of luck

Dr H Soni

Summit Emergency Medicine Physician
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Ingrown hair solutions and scarring

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Laser hair removal can be performed to reduce the number of ingrown hairs. This can be combined with other laser treatments such as fraxel to address any scarring (if it doesn't improve with the laser hair removal). Expect to do several treatments over a few months

Jennifer Chwalek, MD
New York Dermatologist

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