Will laser hair removal get rid of my ingrown hairs?

I'm a woman with thick, coarse pubic hair and have had ingrown hair since I started shaving. Even when I don't shave the bumps are present. Is laser hair removal a good idea for me or should I seek other treatment?

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Laser hair removal for ingrown hairs

Ingrown hairs are extremely common in the pubic area.  Laser hair removal targets the actual hair follicle.  As long as the hair is pigmented (blonde or gray hairs do not respond well), laser hair removal is a great tool for decreasing unsightly ingrowns.  After completing the series of treatments, the follicles will be destroyed which should eliminate - or at least greatly reduce - the ingrown hair issue.

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Will Laser hair removal get rid of ingrown hairs?

Hello,  Thanks for your question. Yes, LHR is very successful in eliminating ingrown hair follicles.  Because the laser is destroying the follicle, and it will not grow back.  LHR is as series of treatments, usually 6 treatments done 4-8 weeks apart, depending on the area being treated.  The follicles must have pigment (color) in them in order for the laser to seek and destroy the follicle. The skin in the area treated will become very smooth and blemish free.

Good Luck!

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Will laser hair removal get rid of my ingrown hairs?

Laser Hair Removal is ideal for your situation, especially with ingrown hairs. Most ingrown hairs are caused by build up of dead skin cells and/or the coarse hair curling back into the follicle, causing a minor infection (ingrown hair).
You may see a reduction immediately, or your ingrown hairs will start to lessen as you get further along into treatment. Every person is a little different.
A minimum of 6 treatments are expected to get 80% or more permanent reduction. Always make sure you are treated by a certified professional in a medical environment.
Good luck.

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Laser hair removal helps with ingrown hairs

Laser hair removal will work well for coarse hairs. The skin itself will become smoother and more even as the hairs are destroyed. Expect approximately 6 sessions to see optimal results. 

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