Astigmatism, high prescription, dry eyes. Can I get LASIK?

My RX is as follows in contact lenses: -8.00, 1.75, 180, 8.3 (im sure one of these indicates my astigmatism) I also have dry eyes caused by my immune system targeting my glands. I would like to know if I can improve my vision in just the slightest to allow me to wear glasses without the bulging lenses.

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Lasik or lasek for dry eyes and high Rx

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you have 2 reasons to get LASEK not LASIK: 

1) dry eyes and 

2)high rxif 

you get LASIK you will have eyes that are MORE DRY and it is possible you can't get the entire Rx fixedso just go to a surgeon who learned the more advanced noncutting LASEK technique, then you can get the entire Rx treated so you're Rx is 0 and vision 20/20, without dry eyes!:)

New York Ophthalmologist

LASIK and dry eyes

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You have a few options. You can treat your dry eye with Restasis, Xiidra and/or IPL before LASIK refractive lens exchange or implantable lenses. In any case, you should not proceed with any refractive procedure until your dry eye and surface disease has been addressed.

Melissa Toyos, MD
Nashville Ophthalmologist

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