Can a Person with Crohn's Disease Have Smartlipo?

Hi, I'm a 38 year old female who has Crohn's Diease and I would love to do the Smartlipo but I need to know if I qualify to have this procedure done.

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Liposuction may be done on patients with Crohn's disease

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the Crohn's disease is not an absolute contraindication to prevent one from having liposuction, provided that the overall health state is good. An elective cosmetic procedure should not be done on an individual who is in poor health, especially if the immune system may be compromised and risk infection and poor healing.

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Crohn's disease and liposuction

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I have operated on patients with inflammatory bowel disease, but they were under the care of their GI doctor and the patient's Crohn's disease was under control.

Crohns Disease is not a contraindication for SmartLipo

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Having Crohns Disease does not make you ineligible for Laser Liposuction.  As a plastic surgeon at a Hospital nationally known for the treatment of Crohns Disease (in fact, Crohns was first described here), I have performed laser liposuction on many patients with Crohns Disease. It is important that your Crohns is controlled and you are not having a slare. Also, the medicines you are on is important as well because some of the immunosupressants may make your risk of infection increased (although infection is very rare).  You should see a plastic surgeon experienced in this and will ultimately need a medical clearance from your gastroenterologist before undergoing the procedure. So, Crohns itself is not a contraindication assuming your overall health is good and your disease controlled.

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