Periodontal Disease, Is it Still Possible to Save a Tooth?

I've read many forums from dentists {periodontist} that suggest ALL teeth should be extracted if periodontal disease is in its advance stage. This is and has to be completely rubbish with modern technology treatment. Long as the tooth in question can be treated (ie: tartar, disease etc) a loose tooth should be able to be extracted, tooth, gum and bone treated with antibiotics, gum graft (synthetic) & gum graft & the end result shud be same as dental implant. Grow up dentists & do the right thing

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Advanced Periodontal Disease and Unecessary Extractions

I am so sorry that you are upset with the advise you have found from our dental community but the truth is sometimes not what we want to hear. If you have periodontitis, the gums and bones that support the teeth have been seriously damaged and teeth will loosen and fall out or have to be extracted. I do not think any periodontist or dental professional would make a broad statement saying you need to have all of your teeth extracted because of the disease. The periodontist can try surgery, allowing for deep cleaning of the root surface, removal of dead tissue and repositioning of the bones and gums and tissue supporting the teeth, In some cases where there is severe bone loss, the surgeon may attempt restoration and regrowth of bone tissue that has been lost through the disease process.This is done through bone grafting. Guided tissue regeneration is more advanced and can be used along with bone grafting.This may or may not work and your teeth will never be as strong or the same as a dental implant. Most dentists, especially periodontists, want to help you save your teeth and treat your gums so you will have a healthy mouth. They do not want to extract teeth unless they feel the disease has spread to the surrounding area.I think most periodontists do the right thing and want to help you fight this disease!

Advanced Periodontal Disease and extractions

Based on what you are saying with no other information available to us I would also beg to differ.   In cases of advanced periodontal disease the teeth will never be as strong as they were.  I like to save teeth but it really is dependent on what the xrays shows and other factors.  I would take a couple of opinions before making a decision.

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Advanced periodontal disease and extractions.

I beg to differ with you. In cases of "advanced periodontal disease" with major bone loss, no matter how much modern periodontal treatment you have, the tooth will NEVER be as strong or as stable as an implant, as you think it will. I'm NOT suggesting you have ALL your teeth extracted, but I am suggesting that they will probably ultimately fail, if they are in the advanced stages already. And, I am NOT a periodontist. I am a very conservative dentist that likes to SAVE as many teeth as possible, for as long as possible.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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