Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend?

Removable Expander Vs. Cemented One in a 9 Year Old Patient Which Do You Recommend?

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Removable expander vs cemented expander

Removable expanders or arch development appliances are a very good choices for younger children as well as older children.  Every orthodontist has their own opinion on which is best and why and the appliances are different and work differently.  A cemented expander is typically used as a rapid palatal expander (RPE) and is expanded every day.  This causes the two bones in the palate to separate and make the jaw wider- new bone is filled in the middle.  With a removable expander or development appliance the key is turned once a week and the the two bones in the palate do no separate.  New bone is made on the outer part of the upper jaw very slowly with less discomfort.  Each situation is different and you would need to see an orthodontist to determine which would be best.  In my office I typically use the removable appliance in most situations.   Hope that helps!

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Removable vs. cemented expanders

This is mainly about compliance as the expansion does not work if the retainer is out of the mouth which happens alot with young people.  Also less lost appliances.  The forces of a fixed cemented retainer are also better due to slippage of a removable retainer.  Your orthodontist/dentist should be able to expain this to you.  Good luck!

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