Why Are my Two Front Teeth Still Different Sizes After Filing to Correct This Issue? (photo)

I had my 2 front teeth filed down. The first dentist didn't file them to my satisfaction. The tooth on the right seemed longer. I went to a cosmetic dentist and had the one on the right filed again, but to my eye it STILL looks longer. Why is it so hard to get them even? I know that on the left tooth, the inner gum line is different (slanted, almost), and that doesn't help visually. But when I bite STRAIGHT down on a ruler my right tooth hits it when my left tooth doesn't. Am I being too picky?

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Filing teeth

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I would first ask " What are you trying to achieve?" Are you trying to get a cosmetic look?? Are you trying to have the teeth function equally?" It looks to me the the 3rd photo is reversed.  Another question I would is how many rulers are you eating?? (Joke) It is also very hard to make a diagnosis with out seeing what your lower teeth are doing. Your tooth position can often be determined by where your lower teeth are located. Are you a tooth grinder (bruxer). I would have a conversation with the dentist, and ask for options, and make the best decision given all of you choices and what you are trying to achieve.

San Antonio Dentist

Tooth length

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It would need to be measured, but it appears that in addition to the gumlines not matching the width of the two teeth differs. As far as the length, I never recommend shortening teeth to get them to match in length. But, rather I recommend bonding to make the shorter tooth longer. Your two front teeth are obviously different in length. It is important to see an experienced cosmetic dentist. You are a great example of how what looks simple may not  be that simple.

Dr. Sue Wendling

Sue Wendling, DMD
Portland Dentist

Why the length of your 2 front teeth are not what you expected

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It appears that there is a breakdown in communication between you and your dentist. On a photo that is digitally analyzed and referenced to your facial midline (vertical) and occlusal plane (horizontal), you and the dentist should come to an agreement on the lengths desired.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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Best to measure with a caliper

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This is tricky in the first 2 pics it looks fine visually and the fact the tooth to the right the edges where they meet are different and the gum line issue but the ruler test is not a good indicator unless u also have a level on it because you wont know what straight really is if you pulled gently on the ruler up on to the left they would both touch head tilts and other muscular issues can throw your eye off and change your perception

Good Luck

Dr. G

Raul Garcia, DMD
Miami Dentist

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