Can Having a Tubal Ligation Cause Me to Gain the Fat Back in my Abdomen Even Though I Lost 8 Pounds? (photo)

Can having a tubal ligation cause me to gain the fat back in my abdomen even though i lost 8 pounds? I had a liposuction in 2008 (abdominal area). Wish great results. I was 176lbs pre lipo dropped to 155lbs after then jumped to 180lbs. During that time my abs still looked great even at 180!. I had a tubal ligation Jan 2012 (weight was at 176lbs) Now. I am 166lbs and my abs look like the fat is back?

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Fat after tubal ligation

From the picture, it seems that you have excess skin, not excess fat.

  • If you have liposuction again, it may make things worse.
  • How can this happen? Here's how --

When a tubal ligation is done laparoscopically, gas is injected into the abdomen.This stretches the skin. With your weight changes, your skin had already probably lost its elasticity. It couldn't snap back. 

I suggest you see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to confirm my suspicion and discuss what to do. 

Hope this helps..

Fat Gain after Tubal Ligation

   Tubal ligation should not increase the amount of abdominal fat.  You may be a better candidate for tummy tuck than liposuction.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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