Can my surgeon remove a dermal anchor piercing while doing breast implant surgery?

My microdermal implant is on the side of my face below my eye and it's started to reject and the bar under the skin has peaked through. I'm scared to have it removed by a piercer. So I'm wondering if while im under he can take it out? I'm nervouse to ask when I see him next because I feel kinda silly asking this question with out knowing if this is even appropriate to ask. Do you think he would be ok with doing this?

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Can my surgeon remove a dermal anchor piercing while doing breast implant surgery?

You can ask your surgeon if he or she will remove it. It would be appropriate to have it removed while your are sleeping during surgery. 


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Removing a piercing


Thank you for your question but this is definitely best to ask your operating surgeon. They will likely not have an issue with it.

All the best

Jerome Edelstein, MD
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Should be fine

Your plastic surgeon will likely to be very happy to assist you with this procedure.
Can be done at surgery and fine to ask.
Best wishes.

Keith Denkler, MD
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Additional surgery during breast augmentation

Can a plastic surgeon remove a dermal anchor during anesthetic for breast augmentation is a different question than will he or she do the procedure. It certainly can be done with great ease. I can only tell you what our office policy is. I would prefer that any and all surgeries to be done in one sitting be discussed prior to the day of surgery and we do not allow any additional procedures to be added on on that day. There may be a charge for the surgery and the longer minutes that it takes from the anesthesia perspective. I would recommend that you bring this up before the day of surgery. Good luck.

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