Why were Polypropylene breast implants not approved by the FDA?

I've been steadily losing mass in my breasts ever since I had my first child (I have three and am now fixed) I was a DD and now I'm barely an A. When I first heard of it my figuring was "grown back what I want then take the string out." I then researched more and read that theyaren't aproved here. Is it due to the massive growth that can happen pros there more harmful things I'm not finding?

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Polypropylene breast augmentation

 Polypropylene, as far as I know, is used in suture material and therefore I do not think that the problem was anything to do with the substance. The issue for the FDA was it was not controllable what the end size of the breast augmentation would be in some people got very large from this procedure. A finite size silicone gel implant is certainly better in my opinion. Good luck.

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Problems prevented approval

The FDA looked into the "string" polyporpylene breast implants but they were concerned about asymmetrical growth and development.  They don't necessarily grow in unison even with the same technique.

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