Who Pays for Revision if I Ended Up With Bad Results That Need Revision? (photo)

1 yr ago had lipo to flanks, i/o thighs, ab, butt. After the surgery, my butt dropped & was sagging. Pain for months when sitting, abs uneven, more fat taken from left on flanks, butt & thigh. Daily tenderness near the lymph site. Discussed with PS & he wants to charge me $4,500 to redo these areas – originally paid $7,000. Saw other drs who agree there is unevenness & butt cannot be fixed w/o extensive scarring as too much out & causing it to drop. Who pays for the revision - no contract.

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Revision Costs

Each office has a diferent policy regarding the charging of revisions.  It is important that you go to a respected board certified plastic surgeon as he/she is more willing to do everything in his/her power to ensure good results and happy patients. Plus, the probability for revision surgery is much less with a respected board certified plastic surgeon as opposed to a lesser trained surgeon.

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Top liposuction revision specialist

Liposuction revision is expensive. I would consider a combination protocol such as our Hidef Liposuction Revision Technique which includes liposuction, lipocavitation, Liposonix, fibrous release with fat grafting, Ultherapy, and Brazilian Cellulite Treatment. 

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Who pays for liposuction revision

It is up to your surgeon how much to charge you if you are unhappy with results.

For instance care of a catastrophic complication may be billed to insurance only.

But re-doing surgery for a better cosmetic result is not done for free. 

Why? Which is why it's important to choose a well trained Board Certified Plastic surgeon with a good reputation to do your surgery.

Some surgeons won't charge if you have an additional major surgery.

Some surgeon's charge a reduced fee.

Some surgeons charge their full fee.

If other surgeons examined you and recommended to leave well enough alone - that may be your best solution. Sorry about your disappointment. Best wishes.

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Revision fees for plastic surgery

There is no specific ruling about this, and I would advise that you check with your Plastic Surgeon about this.  You may have few options now if you had not had a specific understanding about this before the surgery


In my practice I do charge for revisions performed for my patients, but I try to be reasonable about the fees.  It is never too late to discuss this with your surgeon- be professional and respectful as you discuss this , but be honest with your doctor as you try to make your case and discuss why you think a reduced fee would be appreciated.


Good luck to you.


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Correction of post-liposuction defects

defects after liposuction are common and very often correctable. minor irregularities that arent that visible are usually not addressed. however, defects that are prominent or make u look rather asymmetrical need to be corrected. its very important that these issues are addressed at the time of pre-procedure consultation with your doctor. when patients consult with me I always bring up the subject of pos-liposuction defects and let the pt know that if there are areas of asymmetry that require correction those can be addressed 6-8 weeks after the procedure. the cost of correction is included in the procedure cost. but thats the way I practice. I cannot speak for anyone else.

with that said, in your case, who should be responsbile for the cost? the defects that u have arent small defects. they will require major correction and possibly more than one procedure. it will most likely cost you whether you go for the PS who did the procedure for you in the first place or u chose some one else. my best advice to you would be to consult with your PS and see what your options are and clearly ask what the cost will be should u require more than one procedure for correction.

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Who pays for more surgery if I'm unhappy? (photos)

The question of who pays for revision surgery is clear in some circumstances, less clear in others. In cases of medical complication such as deep venous thrombosis, pulmonary embolus, wound dehiscence, major flap necrosis, other cardiopulmonary event, adverse reaction to medication, malignant hyperthermia, peripheral neuropathy, visceral perforation with peritonitis, systemic sepsis, septic shock, major wound infection, hematoma requiring drainage, etc., medical and/or surgical treatment may be paid for in full or in part by health insurance carriers, by CosmetAssure, and co-pays, deductibles, and non-covered costs will be the patient's responsibility.  

If the problem is less serious, and aesthetic in nature, whether you will be fully or partly responsible for the costs of revision depends on the office policy of your surgeon.  In general, several principles apply.  First, plastic surgery is an inexact science, and there is NEVER a guarantee of any particular result in advance, expressed or implied.  Biologic systems are highly variable, and although your surgeon may control some factors that influence your outcome, he or she does not control your genetics, your general health, swelling and scarring, post surgical activity, and other forces of nature that are germane to your final result.  By consenting to surgery, you are accepting a share of responsibility for your result, and acknowledging the element of unpredictability inherent in the surgical pursuit of beauty.

You are of course aware that your surgeon has rent, office staff, insurance, medical equipment and supplies, anesthesia, licensing, continuing education, utilities, and additional considerable costs of treating patients every day, and in return for services provided to patients, even those with an imperfect result, these expenses are passed along to you, the consumer of services.

In the end, most surgeons try to be fair, and sacrifice a great deal to achieve the best result possible for each patient.  We doctors are on the side of our patients.  We are in the difficult position of reconciling the demands of our patients, the unpredictability of our craft, and the bill collectors on our doorstep every day.

Adjustment of expectations, prioritizing importance of your aesthetic goals, and frank communication with your surgeon should go a long way toward improving your current situation toward the result you hoped for when you decided to proceed with liposuction.

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