Do I Have to Pay for a Retainer After Invisalign?

Is a retainer included in the treatment or do I have to pay for one?

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Eventually you will pay

You will have to ask your Orthodontist if the retainers are included.

However, eventually you will need replacements. At that time there will be a fee.

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Fees for Retainers vary from office to office

After asking a few offices about their Retainer fee policy I have learned that all offices can be different in their fees as well as to their decision to include retainer fees or not. In our office we  include retainer fees in our normal Invisalign fee. The average fee for Invisalign retainers seem to run in the range of $400 to $500  depending on the area you live in.

Cost for retainers after Invisalign® may be included

If price shopping for Invisalign is how you decide on a dentist or orthodontist, you may find that you didn't really get the lower price.  Fees for services are determined by each office, so you may end up surprised to find that you end up paying more than another office.

If one office quotes $5800 for Invisalign and another $6000, you likely would choose the $5800 office.  But that office might charge $600 in addition for retainers when the other office does not charge extra.

The only way to know is to ask each office, but if you are choosing only on price you may not be happy in the end.  High fees do not always mean better service or product, but it might.

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Do I have to pay for my Invisalign retainers?

Some dentists include the retainer fee as a part of their invisalign total case fee.  some dentists choose to bill for the retainers separately.  Our office charges for them separately.  There are 4 sets of retainers which cost the patient $450 .  The retainers run around $300 for the dentists and we will be seeing the patient in 4 separate visits to make sure the retainers fit perfectly. Hope this helps  to answer your question!

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Retainer fees vary

I include the retainer fee in my entire invisalign case fee. However, some offices charge separate fees for the invisalign and the retainers. Depending on where you are located the fees for retainers will vary, most likely anywhere between $200-$800.

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