How Much Should I Pay for a Set of 4 Vivera Retainers?

My doctor quoted me at $1100 which seems really high. Is this reasonable? If not, can I go to some other doctor to get them? Thanks.

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Vivera Retainers

If they weren't included in your treatment then you can expect to pay $500-$750 in most areas. $1100 does seem a little high.

You can go to any Invisalign dentist to get Vivera retainers. 

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Vivera Retainers


With Vivera retainers, patients usually pay for 2 sets (or 4 retainers) & get another 2 sets (or an additional 4 retainers) for free...

Patients get 8 retainers for the price of 4.

Therefore, if each retainer is an average:
1. Urban areas: $400 ($300-500 each)
2. Suburban areas: $300 ($200-400 each)
3. Rural areas: $200 ($150-250)

The average range, depending on where you reside = $800-$1600.

With that being said, a follow-up office visit usually is included in the price of the Vivera retainers.

Remember, doctors want their patients to be happy! Once all of the work is done and their patient's teeth are straight, they would love their happy patients to refer others into their practice.

Retainers are not utilized in practices as a source of income.

The fees are usually set to cover the lab fees of the retainers and the overhead of their practice...
therefor, you will see higher retainer fees in city practices & lower fees in more rural areas.

:)) Dr. Jacquie
Jacqueline Fulop-Goodling, D.M.D.

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Cost for invisalign vivera retainers

I do not know what are you are located in but I agree with Dr. Waxler that 1100 seems extremely high for a set of 4 vivera retainers.  We charge half that cost.  I do not want someone who just spent a lot of money with invisalign to pay that much to retain the result.

Leonard Tau, DMD
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How much for vivera retainers?

that seems very high to me!..In our office we charge less than 1/2 of that!

After our patients have paid a lot of money for treatment it doesn't seem fair to make a big profit on retainers....just saying......

Robert Waxler, DMD, MS
Saint Louis Orthodontist

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