Partial Capsular Contracture

Can capsular contracture occur in just part of the breast?  The top half of my one breast feels firm in comparison to the other breast.  But only the top half, the bottom feels pretty soft.  No change in shape, but firmness in indeed there.  Almost two years since my breast augmentation

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Partial contracture

You can develop a partial contracture limited to the upper portion of the breast. Some of this may be related to muscle tightness and scarring under the muscle area. When severe a release of the capsule is indicated.

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Capsular contracture after breast augmentation

A capsular contraction can occur at any part of the capsule formed around the implant. It is more common to have a contracture all around the implant. It may not be noticable, noticable, with change in the shape of the breast, with pain and even cold breast. If severe a revision maybe needed.


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Capsular contracture

Most commonly the capsular contracture affects the entire breast, but in some cases it can affect a section.  Treatment depends usually is similar for both.

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Capsular contracture may not affect the entire breast

You are correct. It is possible to develop a limited site capsule. Whenever there is a change in the texture or firmness of the breast, this is a good reason to see your plastic surgeon in followup. Also, if you have not had a mammogram recently, I would recommend that you obtain one to rule out any other processes in the breast.

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Capsular contracture in breasts may be partial (in special circumstances)

Although in most instances a capsular contracture the entire breast is affected, in special circumstances only a part may seem contracted.  The breast capsule is a single unit and thuswhen one part contracts the entire structure contracts.  However... I recently treated a patient with a partial breast contracture.  She previously had several revisions and during the last procedure her surgeon used Stratice which now appeared to maintain its stiffness which was different then her natural capsule.  I would say she had a 'pseudo contracture'

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