ProFractional Laser. Please explain what level 100 means? Is this level enough to get rid of lines/wrinkles?

I'm booked for ProFractional laser for fine lines/wrinkles. I was told laser will be set at ~100 (+maybe passing over problem areas again at lower level). They said I may only require only 1 tx. Incidentally, Chelsea Handler recently had the same tx. I look similar to her in regards to skin type/wrinkles before tx (my frown lines are worse). Would a level of 100 (+xtra passes) b enough to get rid of lines/wrinkles? What does 100 mean? I know C Handler's tx was done at level 75 w/ great results.

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100 means the depth the laser is going which is measured in microns. Which means you would have a deeper treatment compared to Chelsea. However, there are also other parameters that are considered that determine the end result.  Everyone is different so if you have questions about your procedure you should follow up with your provider before your actual treatment 

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