Paradoxical Hypertrichosis After Laser Hair Removal

I experienced Paradoxical Hypertrichosis or hair regrowth after 2 laser hair removal treatments. I cannot find anywhere whether this is a transient side effect or permanent. Will this be permanent? What can be done about it?

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More Hair with Laser Hair Removal !

More hair with Laser Hair Removal is called parodoxical hypertrichosis and is a rare reaction to treatment for laser hair removal. I have seen it oin 3 patients. All 3 were either skin types 3 to 5. This extra hair growth will apparently remain unless treated. In my experience it seems that stronger treatments are required to reverse the extra hair growth. An experienced laser hair surgeon is required because as you increase the intensity the risk of discoloration or other side effect increases.

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More Hair After Laser Hair Removal

Hi Priya,

We have not experienced this phenomenon directly at our practice and so do not know whether or not the effects you are seeing will be permanent.

Research that we have read indicated that this phenomenon can be prevalent when IPL or laser treatments are performed at very low (and ineffective) energy levels. In addition, the cases usually occur in your skin type, olive skin types.

Finally, have you been diagnosed with this condition or is it a self-diagnosis? Were before and after pictures taken so you can compare? While it's possible that you actually have this condition, it's also possible that the initial two treatments just did not work that well. We would make sure you are being treated with the appropriate laser (Lumenis Lightsheer, the Diode of any Nd:Yg laser if you have coarse hair) and then try again. Good luck.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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Paradoxical Hypertichosis, post-laser hair removal

I have seen this response in one female patient. I researched possible causes for this, but the answer remains unknown.  The patient merely had these areas lasered and now she is hair-free!

Jonith Breadon, MD
Chicago Dermatologic Surgeon
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