Should I just continue with q switched laser to get rid of the darkened skin colored tattoo?

Had paradoxical darkening of skin colored tattoo on chest after Q Switched Laser for removal of brown spots. Told dr. about tattoo and she said don't worry will get lighter. Had tattoo to cover white spots 7 years ago and now am left with blueish/greenish/grayish marks on chest. Should I just continue with q switched laser to get rid of the darkened skin colored tattoo? Am desperate! thanks

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Skin colored tattoo ink usually darkens during first treatment

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Most of the time permanent cosmetic tattoo ink, such as lip liner, eyeliner, or skin colored ink will turn black, or a darker color when it is first lasered.  This color lightens with subsequent treatments, but the very first treatment can cause anxiety and fear for the patient.  It is impossible to tell you how many more treatments it will take to get rid of this dark color.  Yes, I recommend you keep at it. 

Redding Facial Plastic Surgeon

Skin colored tattoo turned darker after laser

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A skin colored tattoo most likely has pigment composed of Zinc oxide or titanium dioxide.  This provides a lighter hue to the tat.  When these pigments are treated with a q switched laser system, they can oxidize to a darker color.  You must continue to treat the areas with a qswitched laser and the darkened pigment will fade. 

Louis M. DeJoseph, MD
Atlanta Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Laser treatment of laser-induced hyperpigmentation

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There may be medicated creams that your physician may want you to  use in addition to further treatment. It is impossible to guide you though, without seeing your skin and knowing what settings and what laser(s) have been used. Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation is usually not permanent.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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