Tattoo Removal in One Session?

I'm interested in having the laser treatment done but i really don't want to have to go multiple sessions.Aslong as the tattoos mostly faded Ill be fine.How long do you think this would take: mine is about the size of a nickel its a star thats outlined in black and filled in with pink.its to the right on my lower stomach.i have light skin if that means anything?

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Using the R0 or R20 protocol, you could have a significant reduction in your tattoo in one to 3 sessions.

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Please see my attached link because it explains the R0 protocol. Basically you apply a liquid after doing the first pass and you can do 4 treatments in one session if the skin tolerates it well. Also, discomfort is much less after the first pass. Steve Weiner, MD, Facial Plastic Surgeon, Destin, Fl.

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Tattoo removal requires several laser treatments

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Professional tattoos usually require ten or more treatments with laser to significantly fade the color. As you have at least two colors, it may take a combination of laser wavelengths multiple treatments. Surgical excision can remove the tattoo in one session, but of course it would replace the tattoo with a scar and there's no guarantee that the scar will heal well or aesthetically-pleasing. There are some home-made tattoos with black ink that have been eliminated in fewer laser treatments but hoping that just one treatment will be sufficient is not realistic.

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