What Can I Do to Prepare for Palomar Fractional Laser Skin Resurfacing?

I'm scheduled in three weeks to treat my under-eye wrinkles and would like to know what to expect during the procedure. My doctor tells me that I will have 3-4 days of recuperation, and although I won't feel ill there will be some mild bleeding and redness under the eyes.

I've scheduled the procedure late on a Thursday, followed by a 3-day weekend... is this enough time? What can you tell me about Palomar Fractional Laser Resurfacing? What should I do for post-procedure treatment?

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Lux 1540 for eye wrinkles

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If you are getting the Palomar Lux1540 treatment for under eye wrinkles, there should not be any bleeding associated with this treatment. You may have 1-3 days of redness/swelling in the treated area. I use a topical anesthetic prior to the procedure to increase patient comfort. 

I recommend between 3-4 treatments for this specific indication. I would also encourage you go back and speak directly to your provider.

What can I do to prepare for Palomar fractional laser skin resurfacing?

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This is NOT a good sign.  You are asking important questions and you are scheduled to have a treatment in 3 weeks???

Go back to your doctor ASAP.  Get your questions answered by the person who you have signed on with.

Michael Kulick, MD, DDS
San Francisco Plastic Surgeon
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