Palomar 1540 and Co2 Laser

I wanted to ask the difference between the Palomar 1540 and Co2 lasers ad which one is better or are there any other you can recommend for acne scarring.  

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Laser options for acne scars

The 1540 laser is a nonablative fractional laser.  What this complicated medical terminology means is that the skin is not raw or open after the treatment, although you may have some redness and swelling for a few days.  A CO2 laser will leave the skin raw for a period of 1-2 weeks after treatment depending on whether it is full field or fractional and depending on what treatment settings are used.  In general, a greater degree of improvement is expected with Erbium or CO2 laser resurfacing than with nonablative treatments like the 1540.  One of two treatments are usually adequate to significantly reduce the acne scars compared with a series of 4-6 treatments for the 1540. 

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Acne scarring and lasers

Carbon dioxide lasers can improve acne scar appearance by producing new collagen underneath, recontour some of the surface changes and by tightening the dermal collagen. Erbium wavelengths help produce new collagen and can help recontour but it doesn't tighten the skin (which may not be needed for the scars to look better). There is a slightly greater risk of scarring and longer duration of facial redness  from CO2 lasers than from the Erbium lasers such as Fraxel. Both of these wavelengths can be found in fractional and non-fractional lasers.  The fractional  lasers usually are done in a series of treatments whereas the non-fractional,  are done as one treatment.

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Palomar 1540 and Co2 Laser

Thank you for your question. For acne scarring, I like the CO2 laser if their skin type is appropriate.   Be certain to be under the supervision of a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon with expertise in laser surgery for the most effective and safe treatments. I hope this helps.

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