Does Saw Palmetto Work As an Anti-androgen Similar to Spironolactone to Help Treat Hormonal Acne in Women?

Hello! I was taking 100mg/day of Spironolactone to help with my adult hormonal acne. After my skin cleared up, I weaned myself off of it by dropping down to 50mg/day and then 25mg/day until I wasn't taking anything. Two months later, I noticed some more breakouts along my chin coming back. I recently started taking saw palmetto instead of the Spironolactone because it seemed like a natural alternative. I'm on 900mg/day and just want to know if it's worth continuing to take to try to help clear up my skin.

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Interesting question...

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no one knows whether saw palmetto actually several studies it was no different than a placebo...its proponents believe it functions to block conversion of testosterone into its active form (DHT) while others credit it with anti-inflammatory effects, a blocker of the androgen receptor and through some chemical changes a phytoestorgen...seems harmless but maybe worthless too

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